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I recently attend the annual Friends for Life Conference in Orlando. This was my 4th year and I usually really enjoy it and come back recharged. While I enjoyed chatting with folks and catching up and needed the few sessions I did attend, […]

OK Brainiacs… Riddle Me This: Crowdsourcing Diabetes Management


Let me explain why the pattern above troubles me. I have been having late afternoon lows off-and-on for months. Normally I would think I need less insulin except for a few pertinent facts:


Caregiving as an Invisible Health Condition

This week is National Invisible Illness Awareness Week, organized by Lisa Copen, founder of Rest Ministries. ** There is a great article on CNN about Talking with Someone Who is Chronically Ill that is worth the read as well.

For me, I have two major invisible illnesses: diabetes and depression. And then I have two, […]

Exposing My Diabetes

This months DSMA blog carnival topic is

Does your employer/school/friends know you have diabetes? Why or why not?

I never reveal my diabetes during a job interview, though I suppose with this whole diabetes blog thing, it is a moot point now. Once I’m on the job it is a different story. I always let […]