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Is It Any Wonder People Don’t Trust Pharma?


There is a brutal truth in pharma… Pharma companies exist to make money. End of story. Many people have expressed similar sentiment I’m sure, but I recently received a press release that put the situation into the spotlight for me and the diabetes community… and believe me, pharma really should have hit makeup before […]

Your Child is Going to Die and We Can’t Do Anything About It


“Your child has Type 1 diabetes”

Those are six words that no parent wants to hear. Those six words were a death sentence 90 years ago before the advent of insulin.

Today, most of the developed world has insulin to treat diabetes, but those six words are still a death sentence in most impoverished, undeveloped, […]

Yes, Actions Do Have Consequences

A while back I met an individual, a member of the HCP community, who told me that they read my blog. I still feel a little awkward when someone tells me that, so I usually just say “Thanks!”.

The individual asked me some rather pointed questions about a post I did a few months ago, […]

Health Camp KC - The Unconference

Wow, what a weekend! There was a lot going on this weekend, I attended the Partnership With Patients conference on Saturday and the HealthCa.mp KC unconference on Sunday. By the way, I am a terrible live-tweeter, which is why you won’t see much from me except retweets. It seems that the part of my brain […]

Diabetes Advocates Offer Assistance in Accurate Reporting in the Media

”We want to help get it right,” states diabetes advocacy group

 Tuesday, March 27, 2012 (BERKELEY, CA) – Did you know there are more than five different types of diabetes? If your knowledge of diabetes is defined by what you hear and see on the news or in movies then you […]