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Guns and Suicide

** Please understand before reading that whether current gun laws need to change is NOT the topic of this post. It is about understanding something about suicide and how using it for political purposes is offensive and totally ignores the victim and those left behind . If I offend anyone, which I very well may, […]

I Can’t Find The Word For This Type Of ‘-ism’ Or ‘-ist’

And it’s not from a lack of trying, the word simply doesn’t exist. Maybe there’s been no need for it, a word to describe a concept that is imbedded in societies around the world. Maybe it simply hasn’t risen to the level where society will take notice. Except, I believe, it has.

Let’s look at […]

It’s Another Diaversary

Diaversary, a word I had never heard of before finding the diabetic online community (DOC), is similar to an anniversary or birthday except the “celebrated” date is your date of diagnosis. Some do actually celebrate another year of co-existing with diabetes.

Personally, I used to just view it as another day of being cursed. I […]

Morpheus Speaks

** Today, I am happy to introduce Dr. Ann Becker Shutte, better known as Morpheus. Take it away, Ann!

Hi all–nice to virtually meet you. This is a first for me–sharing a guest post on a former client’s blog. However, as Scott discussed in his post about “Finding Morpheus,” the intersection of health care providers […]

And Then It Became So Hard

** You’ll want to read That Fateful Saturday and It Would Be So Easy first, otherwise this might not make much sense

So I Chose.

I was still terribly depressed, but no longer at rock bottom. I was able to see that if I wanted things to get better, I was going to have to […]