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Other Places I’ve Been

Twitter Chatting and Drug Development on the Lilly Clinical Open Innovation blog on December 5, 2012


The Journal of Participatory Medicine published my article on Health Camp KC: The Unconference on October 31, 2012


People with Diabetes Stories – Diabetes365

I had the pleasure of doing a video interview with VJ (@diabetic365 on twitter) over at Diabetic365.com.  VJ, thanks for the opportunity!

Part 1


Part 2


Just Talking on June 6, 2011

Thanks to Chris (@iamspartacus on twitter) for listening to the inane rambling of me and the cat!

Cultural Inertia


DSMA LIVE – Continuing the Conversation on December 2, 2010

Continuing the conversation on The State of Washington limiting the amount of test strips for children 0-12 years old, People with Diabetes traveling and going through the TSA pat downs and the Diabetes “Civil War”.   Hosts: Scott K. Johnson and George Simmons and Moderator:  Cherise Shockley – Special Guest: Scott Strange of StrangleyDiabetic.com


DSMA Live – Continuing the Conversation


Interview on The Diabetes Club on August 5, 2010

Emilia Klapp of The Diabetes Club asks me some questions about Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes Type 1 – Interview with Scott Strange