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Patients for Clinical Research

© 2014 Scott Strange, Strangely Diabetic and

I’ve recently accepted a Community Leader position with a start-up, Patients for Clinical Research, whose goal is to is to make clinical research accessible to all who can benefit from or take part in the research process. Our mission statement:

Patients for Clinical Research seeks to create and implement programs to educate patients, patient groups, researchers, and medical providers on clinical research. Our mission is to make clinical research accessible to all who can benefit from or participate in the research process.

Our vision: To use digital technology to educate and enable everyone across the globe on how to access and participate in clinical research anywhere, anytime.

We are a team of patients who, with the support and assistance of a wide array of industry and research experts, have banded together to help pharma research put the human back into research into the conditions and diseases that impact the quality and quantity of human life.

We have no borders. Our only mission is to get all the players at the same table. Join us.

I will be contributing articles and other social media activities and compensated for these, however the opinions and words will be my own

We are just getting started so keep an eye out for the #pfcr twitter hashtag stay tuned!

© 2014 Scott Strange, Strangely Diabetic and

  • Mike Hoskins

    Congrats, Scott! Sounds interesting, and definitely an important issue. Glad to have you on it, and looking forward to seeing more on this!

  • Congratulations, Scott! They are lucky to have you! And what a perfect fit, if I might add!