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It’s Another Diaversary

Diaversary, a word I had never heard of before finding the diabetic online community (DOC), is similar to an anniversary or birthday except the “celebrated” date is your date of diagnosis.  Some do actually celebrate another year of co-existing with diabetes.

Personally, I used to just view it as another day of being cursed.  I saw no reason to celebrate the shame, failure, depression and other negative emotions that I had attached to the condition.

Now, it’s just another day.

And to tell the truth, I’m not sure of the exact date.  I can only get as close as February 1970.

I know I tend to put a human face on diabetes, especially when I’m frustrated or getting  burned out.  It hard not to do that with something that is so intertwined in my daily life.  All day, every day.  It’s hard to seriously cuss at a “thing”, it is so much more satisfying to tell a “someone” how effed up they are and how much of a pain in my ass they are being. I wish my family had never met you.

So this year I am coming clean on Valentine’s Day and avow to the interwebz that I am in a serious relationship with diabetes. It’s a strictly platonic relationship even if we do climb into bed with each other every night.

You have changed my life and, recently, that change has been for the better.  I have met fantastic people, not nearly enough of them in person.

So diabetes, here’s to you! I foresee many more years of our love/hate relationship. Maybe someday we’ll have a “healthy” relationship.  A day where I can get away from the stigmas, stresses and costs of living with you.

I’ll believe that when the cure arrives and I can kick your co-dependent ass to the curb.

© 2013 Scott Strange, Strangely Diabetic and

  • StephenS

    Happy Diaversary, whenever it is. Well said.

  • ” It’s a strictly platonic relationship even if we do climb into bed with each other every night.” — haha! I love that line!

    Happy diaversary, Scott! I’m glad you’re a part of my life.

    • The feelings mutual, my friend… looking forward to seeing you down at FFL

  • Happy Diaversary, Handsome! I think it’s certainly a reason to celebrate. If you’d stopped having them then I would never have met you. And I hope I’m there when you get to kick its co-dependent ass to the curb. 😀

  • Scott S

    Its a strangely platonic relationship because lets face it: nobody “makes love” to diabetes (even for money)! Here’s to another anniversary, not for better, but hopefully no worse, either!

  • Happy Diaversary. I’m so glad you are here!!

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