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Your Child is Going to Die and We Can’t Do Anything About It

“Your child has Type 1 diabetes”

Those are six words that no parent wants to hear.  Those six words were a death sentence 90 years ago before the advent of insulin.

Today, most of the developed world has insulin to treat diabetes, but those six words are still a death sentence in most impoverished, undeveloped, and underdeveloped places on the globe.  There is simply not the infrastructure to either transport or store the lifesaving medication in a cool environment. Insulin needs to be kept cool to keep it from breaking down and becoming worthless.

If poverty is an issue, sometimes a choice has to be made between feeding the entire family and saving that child’s life with expensive insulin.

What a horrible choice to have forced upon you.

In those portions of the world, parents hear “Your child has type 1 diabetes and there is nothing we can do about it. Your child is going to die.”

We can help change that.  The IDF (International Diabetes Foundation) is working to change that with their Life for a Child Program. This program demonstrates how as little as $1 can save a child’s life by providing that lifesaving treatment.


This year, you asked to simply buy one less rose for Valentine’s Day and donate the difference to save a child’s life.  Please consider doing this and make a donation here.

Now, those of you who know me know that I tend to be a little more brusque than some people.  Because of that I say “Screw the roses.  Let’s help a lot of children this Valentine’s Day instead”.

© 2013 Scott Strange, Strangely Diabetic and

  • Natalie A. Sera

    +1 Screw the roses — your honey will get the message that you love him/her even MORE strongly by making this donation than by giving a MILLION roses! () () ()

    • Bennet

      Natalie – Love Ya Mean it. You get the oscar for best screen writing for the phrase “Screw the ….”

      • Scott Strange

        hey now… did you actually read this post?

    • Scott Strange

      They better get the message… if they don’t, keep shoppin’!

  • scully

    screw the roses! yeah man! valentines day is for the weak.

    awesome post man. Love you!

    • Scott Strange

      Thanks, Scully!

  • Scott K. Johnson

    Thanks for helping to spread the word, Scott!

    • Scott Strange

      Glad to help!

  • Cheri Pate

    Well said. :)

    • Scott Strange

      Thanks Cheri!

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  • Bennet Dunlap

    Dude Rock solid post. I just like Natalie’s the use of word screw

    • Scott Strange

      hehe, she was quoting me you know… I should at least get a writer’s oscar…

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