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Relaunched! mostly…

After more than two years of being kindly hosted over at DiabetesBlogs.com, an offering of DiabetesDaily.com, I have moved to a new hosting service.  David Edleman over at Diabetes Daily offers free WordPress hosting to bloggers wanting to start a diabetes blog.  If you are thinking about starting one, it might be a good place to get your toes wet..

But, time passes and I wanted more control than I could reasonably ask Diabetes Daily for, so this is my first entry on my new site.  I still seem to be having a bit of an issue with self-hosted images, but otherwise everything seems to be working.

In addition to the new host, I am also going to attempt to have a more consistent posting schedule, hopefully more guest bloggers (if you’re interested let me know!), and a broadening of my focus from diabetes and depression to appeal to a wider epatient audience.

So welcome to Strangely Diabetic!

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  • http://dmeanderings.wordpress.com/ Colleen

    Looking forward to reading more from you!
    And commenting…
    Thanks, Scott.

  • http://scottsdiabetes.com/ Scott K. Johnson

    Looking good, Scott!

  • http://bleedingfinger.com Tim Brand

    Awesome looking. I just moving mine a while back. I just added you to my blogroll, sorry I didn’t get it on there sooner.