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More To Come

I want to thank everyone who has supported me so much with these past few posts.  I especially want to thank those who have privately trusted me with their own stories.

I also want to specially thank those who have left such kind comments for me.  I’m sorry I haven’t replied as I normally do, but I may not for this series of posts.  Not quite sure why, but my gut says not too.. maybe replying would distract me from what I’m trying to do .

I am writing these because I feel a need for some closure on this particular chapter of my life so I can move on.  ** “Move on.”  It still feels a bit unnatural to say that

It may surprise many of you to hear that they’ve been very easy to write.  It appears that I have accepted a lot of things I was barely able even to discuss before.

There are some portions of this chapter may never truly close and, unfortunately, some that will close much too soon.

As most of you know, there is still much of the story to tell and, unfortunately for me, some that can never be told on this blog as they could hurt loved ones.  It would probably help me to write them but instead I will rely on my conversations with Morpheus.

I find I need to be in a certain frame of mind to write posts like the last few, they’ve been very organic taking about 10 minutes from start to publish. I’ve tried to write a few times, but have been so busy at work that I seem to be thinking about that even at home in the evenings.  I’m trying to keep these at a 10,000 foot view so to speak but am tending to put too much detail in the posts I’ve tried recently.

So is there more to come?  Why yes, yes there is

© 2012 Scott Strange, Strangely Diabetic and

  • Tim Brand

    Your a great friend. I’m really glad I met you at FFL. Your sharing is helping others. Godspeed my friend. Look forward to talking with in person again.

  • I am glad there is more to come because more means you’re still there at the other end of this electronic connection. And that makes me smile. 🙂

  • You need to be comfortable with what you need to do, and I can see that you are and that you will. We’re here for you for any part of this journey that you need us for.