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My Favorite 2012 Moment

It’s been a good and eventful year for me, but I think my favorite moment was being a small part of You’re Beautiful, a little video compilation put together by my friends and co-conspirators… err advocates, Kim of Texting My Pancreas and Sara of Moments of Wonderful

This video shows what a patient community can […]

Finding Morpheus

** those following along the last few months know who Morpheus refers to… for those who don’t it is how I refer to my psychologist in my blog posts describing my experiences in talk therapy

One of the main benefits of social media is that it allows people to connect, to draw on the joint […]

Loss Of An Old Friend

** taking a slight detour from my account of dealing with my depression to talk a little about my mom

Those who have read my blog for a while will know that I am a live-in caregiver for my mother. Two years ago, we were beginning to have serious End of Life discussions and were […]

Those Next Few Months

The next few months were something of a blur. I spent the better part of the first two months sick which finally wrapped up with a case of pneumonia. I also attended the JDRF Government Day event in DC talking about adults needing support, blogging and social media, I spent most of that weekend DKA […]

More To Come

I want to thank everyone who has supported me so much with these past few posts. I especially want to thank those who have privately trusted me with their own stories.

I also want to specially thank those who have left such kind comments for me. I’m sorry I haven’t replied as I normally do, […]