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Hey EHR Guys, Data is Data

Recently, during a discussion on EHR (Electronic Health Record) systems on the Society For Participatory Medicine’s mailing list, fellow Society member Casey Quinlan wrote:

We are so not even near that, given that 800+ EHRs have created 800+ new data silos, with no effective pipes laid between them yet. That’s the hackathon that’s desperately needed […]

An Understanding – Part I.

** As part of National Diabetes Awareness Month, I am re-posting a blog I originally wrote on April 6, 2010. Keep in mind that this simply describes the daily activities that go on all day/every day for myself and other Type 1 diabetics. It really doesn’t delve into the long term emotional and mental toll […]

Diabetes! Stay Backstage A While

I’ve been pretty absent from November’s Dia-palooza this year… not really sure why, but so many people are doing so many good things awareness-wise that I doubt I could add much. I think I’d just be saying the same things in a different way…

And honestly, the destruction left in the wake diabetes seems to […]