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I’m Not Broken

I’m not broken.

I never was, I simply did not have the tools I needed to realize that.

There are things, demons that I must still face.  But with hard work and guidance, I know I can face them.

I’m not broken.

I’ve never let myself truly have a passion before, now I see something to be passionate about.  Something I have accepted, that I want.

I’m not broken.

© 2012 Scott Strange, Strangely Diabetic and

  • Amen brother. In fact, not only are you not broken, but you are exactly what many people in the world need.

  • I can not tell you how many years I spend feeling broken because I have diabetes. It’s a huge reason why I used to hide it from the world. Sometimes I honestly still do feel broken. But I’m working on it, and having the DOC has helped me accept that diabetes is not a flaw.

    • Yes, it’s hard not to feel that way and the DOC and everyone I have met thru advocacy and blogging have been invaluable to me… would not trade a single moment of it

  • scully


    what is it that you have set your sights on being passionate about?

    • Thanks Chris, advocacy is where I’m setting my sights…

  • Passion is terrifying. It is impossible to put things “out there” without letting things “in.”

    • It is the letting things in part that has been so problematic for me and it’ll be something I have to work on quite a bit more, but it doesn’t scare me like it used to.

      On passion, I think it’ll be an interesting collaboration between my Why Bother and Will Bother attitudes


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