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If I’m Not Broken, Then What Was?

Last time I posted that I’m Not Broken. So what was broken, why did I feel broken?

Last week, I also had what was my last regular appointment with Morpheus. The time felt right to me and she agreed, saying that often what our gut tells us is what we should do. I’m not saying […]

I’m Not Broken

I’m not broken.

I never was, I simply did not have the tools I needed to realize that.

There are things, demons that I must still face. But with hard work and guidance, I know I can face them.

I’m not broken.

I’ve never let myself truly have a passion before, now I see something […]

On Feeling Centered

Ever since the Partnership With Patients Conference and the Health Unconference a few weeks ago, I’ve really been feeling better about things in general. Morpheus even noticed at our following session that I was just “carrying” myself differently.

When she asked me how I felt, I said “centered”.

We discussed a few things […]

Yes, Actions Do Have Consequences

A while back I met an individual, a member of the HCP community, who told me that they read my blog. I still feel a little awkward when someone tells me that, so I usually just say “Thanks!”.

The individual asked me some rather pointed questions about a post I did a few months ago, […]