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Review: Climapak from Kewl Innovations

A few weeks ago, I received an evaluation version from Kewl Innovations of their new Climapak insulin cooling/warming device. Here’s my take!

If there is a concern about this product that I do have, it is the price point. Starting at $199. it may be a barrier for many who could use it.

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An I.D.E.A. to Assist Those in Need After Hurricane Isaac

Friend and fellow diabetes advocate Tom Karlya (@diabetesdad) has helped organize a relief effort for those affected by Hurricane Isaac. He has worked with the LIONs Club International Foundation (a service organization that helps those in need and also has diabetes as a priority)(LCIF) to organize a programs called I.D.E.A (International Diabetes Emergency Action Plan).


Dehydration and it’s More Insiduos Companion – DKA

Did a change to my blood pressure meds just over a week ago and we replaced the single med I have been on with two generics. One is HCT which can have a side-effect of frequent urination. I had actually been on HTC once before as part of a combo medication. Went off that particular […]