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Things I Need to Change

As I have been going through therapy with Morpheus, I’ve realized somethings about myself that I needed to change. Most of these things were because of my “Why Bother” attitude.

Some of them I had made what I think is significant progress. I blogged last time about Proactive Survivorship. That concept has given me a […]

A Look Into A Different Chronic World

** Today’s post is a guest post from fellow Society for Participatory Medicine member and e-patient Alex Albin, who blogs at My Life in the Bush of Doctors . She’s wondering about something all of us in the DOC should know about, burnout. I thought it would be good for all of us to hear […]

Insurance and the Games We Play – Redeux

** I originally posted this here on Sept 17, 2010. The original post and comments can be found here. I’m reposting it because I just received a letter from Coventry of Kansas (who is now owned by Aetna, I believe) that stated that all non-Lilly insulins are being completely dropped from their fomulary effective October […]

A Purpose for Survival

I last blogged about a term that Trisha Torrey coined: Proactive Survivorship. She called it the 6th Stage of Grief and describes how and why some people are able and indeed need to turn horrible events in their own lives into actions that can help others.

I’ve never really liked being called a survivor of […]