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Diabetes Overwhelmus

Today, I had the opportunity to listen to Richard Rubin to speak about something that we can all relate to, that feeling of being overwhelmed.  The presentation was part of the Grandparents track, but there were  useful tips for all of us, despite it being designed with Grandparents in mind.

He’s a very entertaining, dynamic speaker and at one point he was asking audience members what their goals were.  C had just mentioned to him that there were a number of Adult T1s in the audience so he asked what some of our goals were.

As the token guy in the audience who has just realized that he hs a future and is just starting to work on those “pesky” goal thingamajiggers, I, of course, was the first one he asked.

I totally blew it.

Totally unprepared, I said “another 40 years” and immediately knew I should said something else.  That was way too big, nebulous.

I should have said that my long term goal is to do the best I can today.

If you think about it, there’s only a couple of things you can do with yesterday. Well, maybe three.  You can learn from it or you can beat yourself up over it.  And, yes, you can just forget all about it.  Personally, I wouldn’t recommend that last one, as it worked so well for me.  Number two isn’t much better.

So that leaves us with number one.

If I can learn from yesterday, then I have more knowledge, hell, more weapons to use today.

Today is the important thing because that is truly the only thing that I can hope to effect.  There will be good days, bad days, days when my best simply wasn’t good enough.  There will also be days where I have absolutely no interest in doing my best, days where “good enough” will have to be good enough.  And that’s OK.

The future?  Well, the future is just going to have to take care of itself.  I’d go mad(der) if I worried about what “might” happen months, years, or decades from now.

And if I do the best I can today, my future will be the best it can be.

Disclaimer:  I personally paid for all expenses involved in attending Friends For Life, including plane tickets, registration, hotel, and food.  I was not asked to blog about the event, and all opinions are my own.

© 2012 Scott Strange, Strangely Diabetic and

  • Hi Scott,

    I love the last sentence and it is so true – “And if I do the best I can today, my future will be the best it can be”.

    Thanks for sharing

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  • I completely agree . . . . except I have to say I really loved your “another 40 years” answer.  I remember when I thought 40 wasn’t possible, so now to feel that 80 is makes me very happy!!

  • shannon

    yes! fist pump to your last line!