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Naming Things

It’s been said, and I believe it to be true, that naming things gives you power over them.

A recent post by Sara introduced me to a term I hadn’t heard before, Impostor Syndrome. Reading about it, it seemed to describe the general unease I feel at times when interacting with those I consider to […]

Partnering Our Way Through Healthcare

How many times have we, as patients or caregivers, felt that we were not taken seriously or marginalized by our healthcare providers? How often do we hear of people leaving their endo appointments in tears? Or feel guilty because of a single number on a piece of paper? How many of us are not […]

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

It’s still hanging on

And so am I

Wordless Wednesday

A Thin Line

At the Friends for Life conference, there are always a number of celebrities here. This year, they include Crystal Bowersox, Jay Hewitt, Charlie Kimball, Kendall Simmons to just name a few (I’m sorry (not really) there are no hyperlinks, but I’m typing this on my tablet and they are just too cumbersome to insert).

I […]