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What’s On the Other Side of All This?

I’ve blogged the last few times about patient empowerment and how societal stigmas can place such roadblocks in our path. That path to finding the best health outcome for an individual. The reason why I’ve blogged on those things is that I’ve been avoiding a question.

What is on the other side of therapy? Greener […]

Stigmas, Empowerment and Reaching All

Last time I blogged about stigmas and how powerful they can be.

I’d like to say that being empowered is possible and may even be more important when your condition does involve stigmas.

Often we hear about e-patients, but what is an e-patient? There are a number of ‘e’ words involved: engaged, educated, enabled, empowered. […]

Diabetes Advocates Urge More Awareness About Depression

Depression and Diabetes Diabetes Advocates urge more awareness about depression.

“There is an urgent need for more effective and efficient depression treatments in diabetes.”

If someone’s living with diabetes, studies show he or she is twice as likely to be depressed compared to a person without diabetes. But what’s even more depressing is that only […]

Let’s Talk Stigmas

Since I have written so heavily about my battle with depression and going through therapy for the last 6 months or so, you’d think I’d have plenty to say about mental health during Mental Health Awareness Month .

I do and it all revolves around a single word: Stigma

What a word. I was going […]

I’ll See You on the Other Side

It’s been a while since I posted and it’s been a rocky few weeks. I’ve actually felt pretty depressed for most of that time. I suppose I should just get used to the idea that my depression may never totally be gone. I guess I’ll try to focus on handling it better than I have […]