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Angry Loss

I’ve actually been experiencing quite a feeling of loss since I wrote Truth and Missing Pieces Not Included. It is like I have been grieving for the loss of being safe in my loneliness. Once again (have I mentioned how hard therapy is? If not, it is an effin’ lot of work), I am forced […]

Diabetes Advocates Offer Assistance in Accurate Reporting in the Media

”We want to help get it right,” states diabetes advocacy group

 Tuesday, March 27, 2012 (BERKELEY, CA) – Did you know there are more than five different types of diabetes? If your knowledge of diabetes is defined by what you hear and see on the news or in movies then you […]

Missing Pieces Not Included

** This one is tough to write, I may close comments to it… we’ll see, it cuts pretty close to home

After last week’s session with Morpheus, I was pretty upset with her. Misplaced, I’m know, but she made me realize something about myself that is very true. And it’s one of the “biggies” or […]


** yea, I’ll probably say too much this time. Please read the lyrics from the song Truth by Seether before proceeding…

Part of my struggle now is trying to set realistic expectation on what I am able to accomplish here, on my blog, in social media. The fact is that there are a number […]

Exposing My Diabetes

This months DSMA blog carnival topic is

Does your employer/school/friends know you have diabetes? Why or why not?

I never reveal my diabetes during a job interview, though I suppose with this whole diabetes blog thing, it is a moot point now. Once I’m on the job it is a different story. I always let […]