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The One Where I May Say Too Much

I’ve really been struggling with how to write this post about my last meetup with Morpheus.  I’m finding it hard to figure out how to say things without sounding arrogant (who me?) or condescending to you all.

Giving myself a compliment started the whole thing. It’s been a long time since I’ve really done that, usually I’m indulging in self-debasing humor.  Making fun of myself.

Morpheus has been reading my blog and comments from everyone and she thought that my replies had always been very compassionate even protective. Why could I be that way with so many others, but not myself?

Well, the answer came to mind almost immediately, but it took me a few seconds to actually decide to say it. (** I felt sad when I said it, not sure why)  Once I did, I literally went “did I just compliment myself?”.  It was how I phrased it that makes me hesitant to share it here.  So let me try to put it in perspective…

A few years ago, my son was suspended from school for a day for getting in a fight.  It was just a playground scrap and I was actually glad to see him standing up for himself.  After the obligatory “You shouldn’t get into fights” talk, he asked me if it was ever ok to fight.  I told him it was sometimes, especially when protecting those not as strong as you.

This is where it sounds bad, but I answered that the compassion came because I was supposed to protect those who weren’t as strong as I.  That may sound condescending, I know, but I really didn’t mean it like that.

I believe that you are all stronger than you realize.

Sometimes we all go through things where we are just not as strong as those around us.

I have been weak so many times and this thing we call the DOC has shouldered part of my load.  Helped hold me steady in the moments that were the hardest to bear.  All of us will have moments when we need the strength of someone else to carry us through.

If you reach out to me, to the whole DOC in a comment on my blog, I will always do my best to support you.

There will be a day when your strength will help someone else.  And it will strengthen that person who will then be stronger for one of theirs.

That is community.

That is the DOC.

© 2012 Scott Strange, Strangely Diabetic and

  • Great post my friend. I am thankful to have you in my life and a part of this community. You always have my back and I know you know I have yours too. LYLB

  • Babssoup

    I don’t see your comment as condescending at all. I have this picture in my mind of this wide dirt road, where each of us is walking, toward the same goal. Some are walking ahead of me, some behind. Some are running, others are taking their time. I see you further up the road than me, looking back and waving, “hey, try this side of the road, it’s less bumpy up here!” I don’t know what my health would be like today without your guidance.
    Likewise, I’ve also learned from you, it’s my responsibility to inform those behind me of the current road conditions along my path. Things change. It rains and mud and potholes arise.
    We’re all in this together and if we keep each other looking for the strong footing, we’ll make it to the end.
    Tell Morpheus, you ARE the ONE!
    Much love you dear friend!

    •  I love the analogy you used!  Thanks so much, Babs!

    • shannon

      oh babs i so loved this analogy! thanks for sharing it!

      and thanks for sharing your thoughts to inspire babs’ comment, scott. 🙂

  • Bob P

    We are strong, but there are days for all of us when the ‘betes, or other aspects of our circumstances, seem in our distress to be a little bit stronger.  Thank you for being there for us.

  • That didn’t sound condescending in anyway.  It’s something I already knew about you.  You are a very sweet & caring man.  That’s why we all love you.  You deserve that compliment you gave yourself and so many more.  You’re just amazing and I’m glad to count you among my friends.  Love you!

    •  Thanks Cheri, but don’t think that you can get on my grass now…

  • I’d bet there are as many definitions of strong as there are people who have their own kind fo strength. It’s the diversity of definitions and strengths that make us all valuable to one another. Thank you for taking time to articulate so well your thoughts.

  • Hmmm.  Great post Scott, and great comments too.  I’ll echo Brad and say “thank you!”