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The One Where I May Say Too Much

I’ve really been struggling with how to write this post about my last meetup with Morpheus. I’m finding it hard to figure out how to say things without sounding arrogant (who me?) or condescending to you all.

Giving myself a compliment started the whole thing. It’s been a long time since I’ve really done that, […]

Why They Scare Me

My last post was a very brief one about “Regrets” being an upcoming topic with Morpheus and how that scared me.

I thought I’d try to explain why. **By the way, writing this is making me very anxious which probably means I need to talk about it

I’ve mentioned before that I never really allowed […]



This topic is coming soon in my discussions with Morpheus.

It scares me… Alot

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One For The Parents

My last few posts have been a pretty down-and-dirty description of my sessions with Morpheus describing many of my buried and repressed feelings about the last 40-odd years with diabetes. If you haven’t read them, I’ll condense it down to a few sentences.

I stand here a failure. You see, when I was seven years […]

Guilt or Shame?

One of the topics that Morpheus and I touch on quite a bit is guilt and its stepbrother, shame. I tend to think the difference is a matter of severity, i.e. shame is “worse” than guilt. I am guilty about all the things I am ashamed of but I’m not ashamed of all the things […]