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A Life Without Guilt

One of my questions of the week from Morpheus was “How would I act without guilt?”.

I’m not sure… I’m not sure I’m to a point where I can even conceive of that, almost as if it would a total flight of fantasy.  You know, it’s almost like asking me how I would act without diabetes; what would I do with less stress & worry and all the extra time, lifespan, and disposable income?  But not quite…

I think it is possible for me to let go of the guilt I feel.  A lot more possible than a cure, at least  as how things stand now.

I just hope that I can honestly do it.  I am able to game most, if not all, of the multiple question, multiple choice psychological  questionnaires (that whole photographic memory thing).

I hope that I don’t let myself game this.

 © 2012 Scott Strange, Strangely Diabetic and

  • Bob P

    I’m cheering for you, dude.

  • love you. you can do this. i mean it! <3

  • Go for it!

  • Mike Hoskins

    Intriguing question, Scott. I also don’t know how I’d answer it, but I know that now I’m going to be reflecting on that. You may be right, about it being easier than finding the cure… but then again, we’re talking about our emotions and feelings and thoughts that we’ve always had. Certainly a challenge. Scott Johnson had a post today that said, “It’s not as simple.” I think that’s an appropriate message here, that it’s not as simply as just taking away or avoiding the guilt. The multi-billion dollar question: How do we do that? Let me know if you come across an answer, my friend…

  • shannon

    being aware of your tendency to game it is the first step to not gaming it.

    that sounded way less cheesy in my head. you get the gist though i hope.