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Oh Bother…

Morpheus had asked me to imagine a life without guilt and I was totally unable to, it was like looking at a blank wall; no way over, under, around or through. Thinking about it more, I’m not even sure I can consider diabetes and guilt as two separate entities any longer. As we were discussing […]

A Life Without Guilt

One of my questions of the week from Morpheus was “How would I act without guilt?”.

I’m not sure… I’m not sure I’m to a point where I can even conceive of that, almost as if it would a total flight of fantasy. You know, it’s almost like asking me how I would act without […]

A Disturbing Search

I’ve thought for a long time that every diabetes diagnosis & treatment regimen should include counseling right along with the medications and the medical professionals that will come and go during our lifetime with diabetes. In fact, that should be the case for any chronic or life-altering health situation.

I’m doing that now and I’ve […]

Stop SOPA and PIPA

Please click thru to read Gizmodo’s great explanation of what the House bill SOPA, and it’s Senate counter-part, PIPA, are. They are incredibly dangerous pieces of legislation to the freedoms that we currently enjoy on the Internet.

After reading about it, please click over to Google’s Take Action page where you can sign a petition […]

Managing Diabetes AKA An Exercise in Failure?

As I was talking with Morpheus last week, my weekly question to think about was something along the lines of “How are you able to treat some “failures” as a “learn from it and move on” experience and yet treat other “failures” with guilt and shame?”

The first thought that came to mind is that […]