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Simonpalooza: The Teaser Edition

Just to get things started…

During a fantastic dinner Saturday evening with my children, Katie and Ryan, and the fantastic attendees of Simonpalooza (both there physically and in spirit) Katie hijacked my phone and got to tweeting

@Strangely_T1 Scott Strange
This is Kaitlin and I have hijacked Scott’s phone. Meet my demands and we can negotiate a deal.
@Strangely_T1 Scott Strange
First of all, I want a pony.
@Strangely_T1 Scott Strange
A unicorn would be ideal, but I understand that some things simply cannot be done.
I swear she had never, ever heard of Sprinkles the DOC mascoticorn and that no unicorns were harmed during the creation of this post

I’m with the band

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