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What the Dex?

I know that this is Diabetes Art Day 2011, the brilliant brainchild of Lee Ann over at The Butter Compartment but I have so honestly been  so busy with work and other hoohaw that the best I can do is recycle my entry from last year and my own rather strong reaction to it.

While what I’m posting certainly isn’t art, I wish I knew how the eff this happened so I could patent, trademark and otherwise bottle what has happened control-wise over the last couple of days.

The last 12 hours have consisted of a totally bolus-worthy huge iced maple cinnamon roll for breakfast, McDonald’s Double Quarter pounder with large fries for lunch and pasta for dinner with copious amounts of watermelon and cantaloupe.

The story has actually been the same the last couple of days and the only real change is that I’ve been using the 8mm Contact Detach as opposed to the 6mm Contact Detach insertion sets on my Ping (basically the same as the Minimed Sure-T).  Oh and my finger-sticks back what the dex is showing.

Now I’ll let it speak for itself while I shake my head and go “What the Dex?”


©2011 Scott Strange, Strangely Diabetic and

  • Mike Hoskins

    What the Dex?!?!? I tell you, my fried: That’s art right there, that line! Lovely masterpiece.

  • That completely looks art to me.

  • shannon

    it’s a MASTERPIECE! 🙂

  • Justicespancreaticavenger

    We use the same sites (6mm) and wow what a difference!

    Where’s my McDs?! 😉 nice graph sir!

  • I love my sure-Ts. The Quick-sets were just causing too many issues for me!