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#dchat For a Little Help From Your Friends?

As I was watching my twitter feed today, I noticed several tweets from people I follow using the #ppdchat hashtag. This tag is used for postpartum depression, and while I am certainly no stranger to depression, I am definitely out of my league with that particular type.

One particular tweet caught my eye, tho.

@unxpctdblessing […]

Glucose Test Strips as Durable Medical Equipment Under Obamacare?

As I was perusing things health related, I came across the US Department of Labor’s webpage on The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). As I was looking things over, the Uniform Glossary of Coverage and Medical Terms caught my eye. Glossaries can be interesting things so I looked a little closer and the […]

What the Dex?

I know that this is Diabetes Art Day 2011, the brilliant brainchild of Lee Ann over at The Butter Compartment but I have so honestly been so busy with work and other hoohaw that the best I can do is recycle my entry from last year and my own rather strong reaction to it.

While […]