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Question for Animas Ping users…

Is anyone besides me having an ungodly amount of occlusion alarms?


I have been thru two months worth of supplies in the last two and a half weeks.  I’ve gotten some replacements. but they still owe me 2 boxes of insets.

Things I know and have done

  • I have already received a replacement pump
  • cycle the cartridge, twisting the plunger up and down twice to make sure lubricant is spread
  • I rotate sites and have put the last 3 sets (from different lot numbers) in sites I have never ever used, even for injections.  These all occluded
  • I am frustrated beyond being irritated.  I am actually angry enough now to go back on MDI
  • Left a message for tech support yesterday, seems they were awfully busy, left a message and never got a call back
  • called this morning, spent 15 minutes or so on hold, got connected to message services again and once I got connected to a message agent, the call immediately dropped.  On hold once again …

There is only one word for this at the moment : CLUSTER-FUCK

©2011 Scott Strange, Strangely Diabetic and

  • Stacey D.

    Sorry Scott but I’ve never had any occlusions since on the Ping. I hope you get it figured out though!

  • Marissa

    Nope, none, though I’ve had some bad, bad sites recently.

  • Val

    only one occlusion alarm in years – but issues with leaky cartridges beyond the recalled ones.  Try new lot of cartridges??

  • beth

    I’ve got a 2020, I’ve never had occlusion problems, but I did have 2 pumps in a row that has repeated priming alarms which led to them being replaced. This one I’ve had for almost year and no problems, but the rubbery stuff over the down button ripped. Haven’t called to replace it yet but sounds like now might not be a good time!  I love my Animas, but it seems like I’ve had a lot more small but repeated mechanical issues that I ever did on my Minimed original paradigm, notwithstanding the one motor failure. Good luck, hope you can get it worked out.

  • I hope it gets figured out man. That sucks.

  • After speaking with Animas this morning, they are sending yet another pump and some 8mm contact detach for me to try…

    Thanks all

  • Hey Scott…

    We’ve only had 1 occlusion alarm, and I never figured out what the “occlusion” was.  I’m so sorry to hear this is happening.  Here’s the first things that come to mind…

    Could you have a box of 6mm instead of 9mm?  I don’t know if it actually makes a difference, but we use 6mm for our daughter.  I’ve heard the 9mm is better for adults.  I’m sure you’ve checked since you checked the lots. 

    I was going to say the cartridge cap, but I see you’ve already replaced the pump once…scratch that.

    Have you tried manually priming the tubing before inserting into the pump to load?  Who the heck knows if it would help, but it’s just a thought.

    I hope it gets fixed soon!