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Question for Animas Ping users…

Is anyone besides me having an ungodly amount of occlusion alarms?


I have been thru two months worth of supplies in the last two and a half weeks. I’ve gotten some replacements. but they still owe me 2 boxes of insets.

Things I know and have done

I have already received a replacement […]

Another Blue Candle and Yet Another

This week has seen the loss of yet two more young people, taken way before their time by this thing we call diabetes. This particular round of blue candles has seemed especially poignant to me for some reason. Posts today by Jess, Sara, and Kelly have really brought the point home that no matter how […]

People with Diabetes – Video Interview

I had the pleasure of doing a video interview with VJ (@diabetic365 on twitter) over at VJ, thanks for the opportunity and every one check out parts 1 & 2 on youtube

Part 1


Part 2


VJ, thanks again for giving me an opportunity to participate in your People with Diabetes […]

Don’t Confuse Threat with Risk

Over the past few days, much has been written in the DOC about Medical Devices Susceptible to Hackers (Read Kerri’s interview with Jay Radcliffe and Kelly has one of the great posts with a list of links to other great posts about it as well. Oh and don’t miss the list over at Trials & […]

Channeling My Inner Geeky Gamer

** I’ve been known to play an occasional MMORPG or two. One I played for several years was called Everquest. One of my guildies (yo Underguild!) was a writer and wrote some pretty great short stories. She got a few of us to write a little fan fiction about our characters. Here’s Chapter 1 of […]