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You Can Do This, Take 2

Kim Vlasnik at Texting My Pancreas had a great idea:  The You Can Do This Project. The idea is for you to tell your story, either by vblog or blog, about how you do it.  About how you navigate through life with diabetes.  Show each and every one of us that “You Can”.

I already made one submission for the kickoff video, but decided I wanted to do a second one.  Hope you enjoy!

©2011 Scott Strange, Strangely Diabetic and


  • Colleen

    Still sorry I didn’t get to meet you when I was in KC. Son still lives in OP so, I’ll be back.
    Great words, Scott.

    • Thanks! I’m looking forward to the next time you’re in town… word on the street is that Oct 8 might be a good time to be in town…

  • Kim

    As always, I appreciate your blunt (lancet?) talk about your experiences with diabetes, Scott. Thank you so much for contributing (twice!).

  • Great job Scott! <3

  • Scott, I think we would have had a great time at d-camp together. I enjoy your sense of sarcasm and straight-shootery in writing and now vlogging, and I think we might have been buds back then. 😉 Thank you for this. p.s. not sure why it has the wrong twitter acct. listed for me, but I’m @smartDpants over there. 😉

    • Heheh, I’m following you Sarah… thanks for the compliment!

  • Kelly Rawlings

    Those are darn good-looking kids! I appreciate your story. Thanks, as always, for sharing encouragement (and sarcasm–that’s the part I appreciate the most because sticking it to diabetes means I’m not sticking it to me!) through your videos & blog. See you in KC in October!

    • Thanks Kelly, I keep my best sarcasm for IRL gatherings… /wink

  • Captain Glucose and Meter Boy

    We thought our story was pretty marvelous. And will no doubt
    shed some light on someone else’s darkness. Thanks for your words and sharing
    the picture of your two great kids. Plus you are part of the dsma gang of Scotts so you got that goin’ for you, too!

    • Captain Glucose and Meter boy

      It should have read, “We thought YOUR story was pretty marvelous.” Obviously our typing skills aren’t. 🙂

      • hehe, my typoing skills are also somewhat doubtfull

  • karend1

    Great video, great kids, and great “attitude”, sooooooooo like me, must be the D thing!!

    • Thanks Karen! D does tend to adjust our views of life a tad

  • Love it Scott. Heck, make more! 🙂

  • shannon

    Thanks for sharing!  Found your blog after Ollie Double called you out at the opening of FFL. Fantastic!! 😀

  • Diabeticsurvivalkit

    Thanks for your inspiring story.  I tell my patients to concentrate on their goals in life and on their families and maximize their health in order to be in the best position to follow their passions.  I also do not see a goal around the corner and  waiting for a cure often affects quality of life as well as control.  Best of Luck Scott.  Sybil from Diabeticsurvivalkit