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Just Talking

Chris (@iamspartacus on twitter) invited me to be on his podcast, Just Talking, last night.  I briefly met Chris in Washington, DC when I was up there for the JDRF Government Relations Day event in March, but really didn’t get to spend as much time talking with him as I would have liked.

We chatted a bit last nite about things so check it out and thanks Chris!

Cultural Inertia

Thanks for stopping by!

Today’s snarky comment:  When will they learn not to let me talk so much?

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  • Next week, I interview the cat 🙂

    • Well, if you thought I was opinionated…

    • Well, if you thought I was opinionated…

  • Mike Hoskins

    Now, THAT is an interview I’ll be tuning in for… Wait. Wasn’t I on for next week??? Great. Got bumped for a cat. The world domination is at hand… Great show, Scott and Chris!

  • I loved the show. I’m a big fan of Chris and his great show, and I’m a big fan of Scott, so it makes sense that I’d enjoy it, right?