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{Diabetes Blog Week} Day 5: Diabetes Awesomeness?

2nd Annual Diabetes Blog Week


I’m having a bit of trouble with today’s topic “write about the most awesome thing I’ve done BECAUSE of  diabetes.”  I think it may be due to the word BECAUSE.  I prefer a more TO SPITE DIABETES attitude.  And honestly, diabetes is so intertwined in my life, everything I do has some bearing on it.

Well, let’s see how far I get…

10.  I’m still alive, having survived the diabetes dark ages, disco music, 80’s hairstyles, and a particularly bad case of food poisoning in the mid-90’s.

9.  I’ve 2 great kids, 18 & 20

8. I’ve blogged about things I never thought I would share with anyone, let alone the whole world.

7.  I’ve lived to talk about depressive episodes where I nearly did something stupid and selfish.  I think that particular demon is gone forever

6.  I was supposed to be dead 20 years ago… I think I’ve  outlived all the people who shared that opinion

5.  My day does not revolve around meals and shot times

4.  I’m not standing behind you.

3.  That was just to make sure you are paying attention.

2.  I can laugh at myself; which is good because everyone else does and that way I don’t miss out on the fun

1.  And best of all, I have met the truly remarkable people of the DOC

©2011 Scott Strange, Strangely Diabetic and

  • Anonymous

    Love #2. 🙂

  • Okay – I read number 4 a few times before moving on. You got me!

  • D-OH!
    I should have read three not so quickly. HA!

  • Woot! 😉

  • Mike Hoskins

    What??? You’re standing behind me???!?!?! Woa… Oh, number 3. I see.

  • Lauren

    Hahaha #3 freaked me out! LOL great list though 🙂 Losts to be thanksful for!

  • Stacey D.

    Great list Scott. And none of us can deny number 1!!