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{Diabetes Blog Week} Day 4: What I Hate About You

2nd Annual Diabetes Blog Week


Anyone else remember the song by the Romantics? What I Like About You? Well, this post for Diabetes Blog Week really shouldn’t make you want to

go up down, jump around, think about true romance.. Yea

10.    You insist on being a part of every poignant moment in my life

9.   You are a liar, doing one thing one day and another thing the next.

8.   I have to personify how I discuss you because I don’t have the proper words to quantify you otherwise.

7.   You made me write that ridiculously worded previous reason

6.   You are uncaring, unfeeling and just an asshat

5.   In the last 40-odd years, you have reminded everyone in my life of mortality. And how one single eff-up on my part could make mortality reality

4.   The more I learn about you and what you are capable of, the more I despise you.

3.   Every moment I spend worrying about you is one less moment that I can just enjoy

2.   You suck.

1.   Listen you sorry excuse for a f***sack, couldn’t you at least leave the children out of this?  Fucker

©2011 Scott Strange, Strangely Diabetic and

  • Aw. Number 10. 🙁

  • Mike Hoskins

    As much as I hate diabetes and so completely agree with everyone of these, I couldn’t help but crack a smile and even laugh at the dark humor and sarcasm… A man after my own heart. Or, maybe I follow in your footsteps. Whatever. Diabetes Sucks. So much, it should be a campaign slogan.

  • Stacey D.

    Love number 2!!!!

  • Scott S

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. There must be a reason so many PWDs are named Scott!! LOL

  • Pearlsa

    “You are uncaring, unfeeling and just an asshat” I hate you, diabetes

  • Fucksack! Woah. And I was worried because I said, “fuck you” in my video for today! Hahaha.

    • I guess I need to start putting ratings like NC-17 on my posts

  • type 1 advocate gramma

    I like the idea of a “diabetes sucks” t-shirt…But a lot of us out here in CA are wearing “Duck Fiabetes” bracelets…I’ve been told that it’s even OK for a grandma like me to wear one…Do you think the same would be said for a t-shirt with the same sentiment?!!

  • You are an asshat for making me cry!

    You’re not an asshat, you know I heart my buddy Scott!! It’s just that number 10 made me cry. I am such a wuss? Wait, am I the asshat? I AM! I AM THE ASSHAT! Dang.