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{Diabetes Blog Week} Day 2: The Letter


Dear TSA,

I appreciate that you have a job to do but I have to be very honest when I say I am getting fucking tired of the goddamn full-body pat-downs.  I wear an insulin pump and the manufacturer of that pump says that it should not be exposed to X-rays.

So I opt to go through the metal detector and did not set it off, but the TSA folks here in Kansas City (MCI) tell me that I must submit to a pat-down  simply because I did not subject my pump to the  X-ray full-body scanner.



Dear Anger,

Please stop finding so many things for me to get angry about or I will be very, very cross with you

Kindest Regards,

©2011 Scott Strange, Strangely Diabetic and

  • Airport security is bullshit. There is no way to make air travel completely safe. Think about it, a fucking bird took down the plane that crashed into the Hudson.

  • I find that if I hum, “Hey Big Spender” while they are doing the pat down, they cut it short.

    Great letter(s).

    • Hmmm… you may be on to something… Showtunes? I’m thinking something from Oklahoma

  • Dr. Strange – Hate that you had to endure this crap or anyone of us. So effed up. I fear flying next month.
    I was told by a TSA agent in TN to “hide” my pump in front or back to not trip the metal detector. That bothered me. He was very nice but…. I don’t know. It’s messy.

    I like your follow-up letter. ((hugs))

    • lol, I didn’t set off the metal detector. I was patted down simply because I refused to to go thru the x-ray scanner.

  • My husband says they speed up if you use these words, “Aren’t you going to buy me a drink first?”

  • At MCI (KC) two years ago, no problems.
    Same pump in March – the whole shebang with the pat down.
    Oh well…

  • Meagan Esler

    Loved the anger letter….hilarious!!! 😀

  • Laura Houston

    I’m sorry it’s such a beat down (or pat down in this case) but your letter made me laugh out loud. We’ve only traveled once with Nate and it was such a whipping at MIA airport. Yea – he’s 2 – it’s not a bomb – it’s a pod. Yep – I said bomb – bomb – bomb. Damn – now I’m getting the pat down too!!! 🙂

  • Mike Hoskins

    Hey, if there’s a bus, and it’s going to hell, I’m sure I’ll be there – if not driving. Stupid TSA. They suck. But yes… (sigh). Guess they’re just doing their job. Whatevah. Sorry it is what it is, Scott, but thanks for sharing this frustration via letter!

  • I like both letters, though I think you might be too tough on Mr. Anger. It can be hard to roll with it all the time.