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{Diabetes Blog Week} Admiring our Differences: An Inspiration

I’m traveling for business this week, so this may be my only entry.   Thanks to Karen at Bitter Sweet for the fantastic idea and organizing this herd of cats into a semblance of order.

I struggled a bit with this topic;  I have come across so many people from around the blog-sphere (and not just the DOC, mind you), on twitter and in real life that have had a positive effect on me; it was almost impossible to choose one.  I almost went with all the D-Parents, or all the CWDs, or members of the DOC, but thought I’d really like to find one person; one individual who truly inspires me.

Well, I have managed to find one such individual, after a few minutes of consideration the choice became obvious to me.  This individual faces the trials of life with such grace, courage, determination, and perhaps most importantly, Faith; that you have no choice but to be inspired.

Take a minute and read this post.  I mean really read it.

Join me as we FIGHT Diabetes!

Now if you’ve read it, you’ll see why I have chosen Barbara “Babs” Campbell (@babssoup on Twitter) as an inspiration.

Babs is one of the local diabetics that get together every so often for lunch or dinner somewhere.  Also in this distinguished group is Bob Pederson, Jess, and whoever else is passing through town.  BBQ seems to be our carb fountain of choice.  But I digress…

In the last two years, Babs has dealt with her daughter deployed to a combat zone overseas, a wrong diagnosis of Type-2 diabetes, a correct diagnosis of Type-1 (LADA) diabetes and most recently, a diagnosis with breast cancer.

Babs is currently undergoing chemo for breast cancer and still finds the strength and time to raise funds for the ADA Step Out Walk to Cure Diabetes event here in Kansas City.

I was fortunate enough to have lunch a few weeks ago with Babs, her husband Jon (@kssoup on Twitter) and Bob Pederson.  What struck me first was how “the same” she seemed.  If I didn’t know something else was going on, I wouldn’t have known.

But what really stood out was her, and her husbands, Faith.  She just seemed so calm in the face of what was going to be a strenuous ordeal.  I’m sure there were moments of tears and the worry that will always be there; it just seemed that she was so strong.

Maybe she is being strong for those around her, those who care for her and are praying for her and her family.

That statement may just sum up why I find her inspirational.

If I am ever faced with such a trial, I hope that I can face it with the strength and grace that she has.

©2011 Scott Strange, Strangely Diabetic and

  • Mike Hoskins

    Well said, my friend. So true and inspirational, beyond diabetes and even health – just life inspirational in general. Thanks for pointing us to direct some attention in this very deserving direction. But not only that – thank you for what you do, Scott. Happy travels, and as always look forward to your thoughtful and honest and valuable perspectives as we’re blessed to have them.

  • I’m so glad you wrote about Barb and Jon. They are an amazing, personable, funny and loving couple (celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary today!).
    Their strength and their faith are impressive.
    Next time I’m in KC, I hope to meet you!

  • Meri Schuhmacher

    An inspiring post, about an inspiring person…written by an inspiring man!

  • Theprincessandthepump

    Wow! She IS inspiring! Thanks for sharing!!

  • She is amazing and I hope that one day I will get to meet her and her husband. Wow, great post.

  • Vivian

    Beautiful post.

  • Crystal

    She’s one amazingly awesome person. Love, Babs.