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A New Direction in Kansas City

On Wednesday evening, May 18th, a group of T1 diabetics and their partners gathered together in Kansas City. This was the first meeting of this particular group since Jeffery Brewer’s announcement of the JDRF’s new outreach program for the Adult T1 community. By the way, among this Wednesday evening group was Jess, it was certainly […]

{Diabetes Blog Week} Day 5: Diabetes Awesomeness?

2nd Annual Diabetes Blog Week


I’m having a bit of trouble with today’s topic “write about the most awesome thing I’ve done BECAUSE of diabetes.” I think it may be due to the word BECAUSE. I prefer a more TO SPITE DIABETES attitude. And honestly, diabetes is so intertwined in my life, everything […]

{Diabetes Blog Week} Day 4: What I Hate About You

2nd Annual Diabetes Blog Week


Anyone else remember the song by the Romantics? What I Like About You? Well, this post for Diabetes Blog Week really shouldn’t make you want to

go up down, jump around, think about true romance.. Yea

10. You insist on being a part of every poignant moment in […]

{Diabetes Blog Week} Day 3: Opps!


Well today’s blog topic is Diabetes Bloopers! Check out the list of other participants blooper stories!

I once took a bite out of a sandwich I had just made and then quickly spit out the used test strip that had managed to make its way into my sammich!

Remember the scene from […]

{Diabetes Blog Week} Day 2: The Letter


Dear TSA,

I appreciate that you have a job to do but I have to be very honest when I say I am getting fucking tired of the goddamn full-body pat-downs. I wear an insulin pump and the manufacturer of that pump says that it should not be exposed to X-rays.