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Oh, and Another Thing

Last week, I posted about how being sick and stressed really can have an effect on my depression.  In thinking about my behavior during that time,  I also came to realize that I had started doing something that also had a dramatic effect on me.

My eating habits had become simply atrocious!  I’m not talking about pigging out on cupcakes and oatmeal raisin cookies, I’m talking about not eating enough.

Once I had gotten past the worst of the pneumonia (whoa! spelled it right that time!), I really needed to do basal testing.  I started doing that, skipping some meals.   Well,  I was also somewhat weak and didn’t really have that much of an appetite.  It’s never been unusual for me to skip breakfast, happens all the time.  My lunch is usually a granola bar of some type, but I got to the point where I was skipping lunch as well.

I was feeling really weak and my numbers are all over the place.  I ended up with dinner being my only meal many days, and that was usually a lite dinner trying to level out my numbers.

Looking back at it, I was literally down to 30 or 40 carbs a day and I bet my caloric intake wasn’t much above 500 a day.

Good lord, no wonder I continued to feel so weak.  I was about ready to go back to the doctor, but when I realized what I had been doing… talk about feeling like an idiot.

So I started eating.  Eating more than was “normal” for me, but not going way overboard.  Rocking the 70/30 combo bolus on high carb, high fat meals. Using my Symlin more consistently and actually increasing the dosage on those big meals.

And lo and behold!  Not only did I start to physically feel better, but my numbers started to level out as well.  Chinese food that would always send me up to the 400 range?  Barely broke 200, twice last week.  Double Quarter Pounder and Large Fries (oh those evil, but tasty fries)?  Same deal.  They got pwned.

I’ve started trying to drop back into a more “normal” pattern for me, trying to run at about 100 or so carbs a day, more protein and fatty foods.  Being more aware of how food affects me and what I can do to overcome that.  Trying to keep my numbers under 200 post meal as often as I can while not having hypo events.   I haven’t had many hypo events since I got my basals re-tuned, but that “under 200” is quite an accomplishment for me.

That is something I have struggled with since I started pumping.  So maybe being sick wasn’t as bad of an experience as I thought it was at the time; I seemed to have gotten some benefit from it.   Ahhh… Screw that noise, it still sucked!


Today’s snarky comment: Wow, that post sounded almost upbeat!  Ok, who am I and what have I done with Scott?

©2011 Scott Strange, Strangely Diabetic and

  • Mike Hoskins

    Did someone say cupcakes…???? I must make an intelligent, thought-provoking, and supportive comment on the topic at hand – but I can’t get over the cupcakes. Mmmm….

    • Anonymous

      And for my next trick…

  • Being sick does suck but you found the silver lining! I am glad you are feeling better my friend.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks George, hope you start feeling better as well

  • SK

    I’ve honestly noticed the same correlation with my hubby. He works so much during the day, he skips breakfast and lunch most days and doesn’t eat til 3-4pm. Those days are when he’s the most cranky and depressed… and by the end of the week, he’s a force not willing to be reckoned with. It’s amazing how much everything has to be balanced for us to be “normal”.

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t it tho?

  • I find this so odd because for myself, I try to cut out carbs. Have you ever read, “The Diabetic Solution” By Dr. Bernstein? He believes that carbs are the enemy, but I mean if you feel the difference then that is most important. Interesting thoughts though!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Lauren,

      I’m familiar with Dr. Bernstein’s work, the issue was not the amount of carbs being consumed. It was the amount of food being consumed; I simply was not eating enough to feel well.

  • Babscampbell

    This has nothing to do with your post. . I like your photo and often wonder how you would look as a bald man.
    Babs snarky comment of the day. . .

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know if my gimp (I use gimp, not photoshop because it is free) skillz are mad enough to pull that off

  • Kelly Rawlings

    Glad you’re rocking the numbers and the energy levels again, friend. Interestingly, B vitamins deficiencies (from carb sources, naturally) is linked to depression.

    • Anonymous

      Vitamin D has also been linked, not only to depression, but to low testosterone levels in men which can cause a loss of energy