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Tools of the Trade

Now, we all use tools every single day..  Looking at my desk, I see car keys, pens, glucometer, keyboard, mouse, monitor, phone, documentation… all things designed to help us do other things,  hopefully easier than we could without them; that’s what tools do.

And, when it comes to diabetes, there is another set of tools that are made available to us.  These tools are readily available via the internet and traditional media outlets (TV, print, radio).

What kind of Tools are these you ask?  Are you already using them?  Well, as my friend Kelly over at Diabetesaliciousness™ described in discovering one such tool, I certainly hope you are not.

The Tools I am discussing are the Tools that insist in preying on the fears and hopes of people with diabetes, and other chronic conditions as well I’m willing to bet.  These Tools keep touting their latest “cure”, their latest way to “reverse” diabetes.

Every time one of these Tools gets spotted in the wild, someone will call them on it.  Often triggering more and more torque to the situation; hoping to give these Tools a clue.  Hoping to at least help them learn to use the words “control” or “manage” instead of “cure” or “reverse”.

These Tools are liars, predators of those who may be looking for a glimpse of hope, something to hold on to as they navigate through a lifetime of stress, worry, idiotic medical professionals and clueless insurance companies.

George recently described his encounter with one such idiotic medical professional over at Ninjabetic, go read it… I’ll wait… <whistles nonchalantly>  Back?   I mean seriously, is it any wonder that the media is full of Tool-inspired stories when Tools like that are around?  There are no telling how many patients have left their Tools appointments just as angry as George was.

A while back, I made a very glib posting about the Reader’s Digest story.  These types of things were just so ludicrous, it was a time when I just needed to laugh it off.  I was wrong, they are ludicrous, but they are no laughing matter.  This post may also seem glib, but applying the word “tool” to an individual or organization conveys a certain slang meaning, which I feel is totally appropriate.  I mean seriously, are the these folks dicks or what?

Hmmm… maybe this post needs a different title…  Tirade of the Tools… Parade of Tools… I don’t know.  oh well, you know what I mean, dontcha?

I guess it’s up to us to keep calling the Tools out when we see one.   Walking the wall, so to speak.

Hey Tools!  Yea you!  Not on our watch.  Punks.


©2011 Scott Strange, Strangely Diabetic and

  • k2

    I vote for “Parade of Tools” because it has such a nice ring to it!

    • I wonder if is available?

    • Anonymous

      I just got … could be fun

  • it’s so important to call them out on their BS. Thanks for posting this!

    • Anonymous

      yes it is…

  • ha! love it! they are tools, aren’t they. way to call ’em out! i also think asshats is a good term too… 😉

    • Anonymous

      Asshat is one of my favorite terms….