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Oh, and Another Thing

Last week, I posted about how being sick and stressed really can have an effect on my depression. In thinking about my behavior during that time, I also came to realize that I had started doing something that also had a dramatic effect on me.

My eating habits had become simply atrocious! I’m not talking […]

Tools of the Trade

Now, we all use tools every single day.. Looking at my desk, I see car keys, pens, glucometer, keyboard, mouse, monitor, phone, documentation… all things designed to help us do other things, hopefully easier than we could without them; that’s what tools do.

And, when it comes to diabetes, there is another set of tools […]

Once More Into the Breach, Dear Friends

That quote from the 3rd Act of Shakespeare’s King Henry V is talking about valor; about doing things you don’t want to do but must.

I’m not sure if valor really applies to this, but it seems I put myself in the breach way too often. And my breach is depression.

This often happens to […]

What I Learned Being Sick

I recently had “something” that took two months, six doctor visits, five different antibiotics and a case of pneumonia to clear up. Throw in a couple of “dubious” bottles of insulin and you’ve got a good recipe for a higher than normal (for me) A1c. My last A1c was the highest it’s been since I […]

Meeting the Parents

** Please forgive the brevity of this post and the lack of links to other great #JDRFGovDay posts; but I am really under the weather and also really wanted to get this done. Honestly, I really wanted to have it out there a week or two ago and I fear that I won’t really be […]