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Lessening the Cognitive Load

At the JRDF Government Relations Day(s), there was a lot of discussion about the Artificial Pancreas Project (APP) and it’s benefits. I am a firm supporter of the APP as I believe it will help patients obtain control much sooner than they could using current techniques/technologies.

One of the points that was made several times […]

It’s Time

Today’s post has nothing to do with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Government Outreach Day(s) and I’ll try to keep it to a minimum of cursing.

Mom has been in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) for about 7 weeks now and they have informed us that she is ready to come home. Friday is when […]

The Blame Game

Once again, I am going to dive into blame, guilt and diabetes. But for the first time, I’m not blaming myself or feeling guilty about having diabetes.

This time I am blaming insulin, and doubt if that little b***h feels one bit of guilt. And therein lies the story

Circa Mid-February, 2011

Time for a […]

What’s $1,900,000,000 Between Friends?

Yes, that is $1.9 billion. A sizable chunk of change. A plethora of moola.

And that is how much the JDRF Government Relations Office has raised thru the Special Diabetes Program thanks to volunteer advocates telling their stories of how diabetes has affected their lives and thanks to the Senators and Representatives in Washington, DC […]

JDRF Government Relations meets the DOC

This is a quick post and I am actually trying to do it from my iPhone whilst typing with my thumbs. I’m running on a lot less sleep than normal but I did find Diet Coke in the basement cafeteria of Longworth Building as I wait for a meeting with MO Representative Cleaver. It’s a […]