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A Semi Random Friday – Serious and Silly

Healthcare rationing from the regulatory, not insurance, side? I’m not sure if this actually qualifies as “rationing”, though I’m certain that patients and families would have a very valid argument that it is.  But if you think about moving to a “universal” healthcare system where the agency that pays for treatments and the agency that approves treatments are both run by a deficit-laden government, you have to ask “When will a patient or condition be considered too “expensive” to treat?”  Scary thought.

Today there were several tweets regarding Drug Companies Take Their Pitch to Social Media — Carefully at the online Time Magazine site.  It was primarily talking about how pharma is trying to use social media to connect with patients.  But the thing that boggled me was their choice to use the Charlie Kimball-Levimir twitter campaign as a successful example.   While it may have been ok from an FDA standpoint, it was certainly an epic fail of /facepalm proportions in execution.   The article only shows one side of the equation and totally ignores how the people that Novo wanted to reach actually reacted to the campaign.  Uh guys, people interacting with each other is why social media works.  Not sales pitches.

I hadn’t thought about this kind of labeling before…

From the WTF? File

OK, enough of the serious stuff.  I’ve been feeling really burnt out the last few weeks.  I feel like I was trying to find the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything and kept coming up with 41.

Fuck. Because sometimes it just needs to be said.

I swear it took 3 weeks for Friday to finally get here.

I talk to my kids via text more than I do in person.

rooting an android tablet is a humbling experience.

If time will tell, how come nobody’s asking?  I mean seriously, when will our Robot Overlords appear?

If I can tell the difference between the diet and non-diet versions of most colas at the first sip, why can’t I tell the difference between good tequila and bad tequila until the next morning?

Do I have a problem if ibuprofen is rated second only to insulin in my book and there are times when it’s a dead heat?

Remember, there are only six degrees of separation between you, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger and the smelly guy that sleeps under the bridge.

Just because you have an open mind doesn’t mean you have to let your brains fall out.

I thought inventors were supposed to be brilliant?

Can I go home now?  I’ll be sure to tell them that you said it was ok.

5 years. Sound familiar?

And people wonder why pumpkin pie is so popular!

Click Me!

And with that I hope, whatever your particular holiday is this season, that it joyous and safe!

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  • Linda

    Having grown up in Canada, I am not as concerned about the new medical system as most Americans. Both systems have their pluses and minuses, and money talks the loudest in both countries. I am amazed by the amount of needless paperwork, and endless hours we spend trying to get basic care. It shouldn’t be this hard! However, there is rarely ever a waiting period to get to see a specialist or tests that are needed here..thats good.
    On the lighter side Scott…TGIF…and if you’re following all the rules, you may be missing all the fun…LOL..Happy holidays for everyone, and may we have great traveling weather this season!

  • Blah to the serious. HA to the funny.
    Happy Friday!

  • Don’t know about you, Scott, but I’d much rather have the government, not concerned about making a profit for it’s owners, making treatment decisions than the profit hungry insurance companies who have already demonstrated time and again that they’ll withhold treatment to save money. There is an exception, don’t want to be an Arizona resident depending on their government to come through. They’ve already shown they’re worse than the insurance companies when it comes to Medicaid. Frankly, despite what the Republicans would have you believe, there’s been no government takeover. The insurance companies still maintain control. They will have to provide insurance for diabetics by 2014 (if not in a group), and because of that, the health care act shouldn’t be repealed. It needs to be improved. There needs to be an independent panel with no skin in the game to quickly handle appeals for coverage decisions, and the timetable for elimination of pre-existing condition exclusions should be moved up.

  • Hi Scott
    These Random Fridays are truly fantastic posts. I love that they are completely random, follow no logical pattern and seem to run like the mechanics in my head…with no rhyme or reason. Keep up the great work