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Holy Schnikees!

Wow, I got nominated for a 2010 DOC Award! I was nominated for the category of Blogger You’d Share a Drink With.

Hmm.. tough competition… Also nominated for this category were  Scott Johnson from diabetesdaily.com/johnson,  Crystal from randomlycapitalized.wordpress.com,  Jacqui from badpancreas.wordpress.com and last, but certainly not least, Elizabeth from diabetesdaily.com.

I bet I can up the odds by buying that drink!  Those other guys will stick you with the tab!  Yea, that’s the ticket.. LOL, just kidding gang.

Honestly, it is a a very pleasant honor to make the list.  Although, I was a little surprised with the category;  seems that all my mean old man ‘net cred is gone.  Either that or people are thinking that I will be picking up the tab… hmmm

All the categories are filled with outstanding candidates and I wish everyone the best of luck!

Now get off my grass!

Today’s snarky comment:  I. Void. Warranties. And buy drinks

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  • http://www.TheDiabetesClub.com Emilia Klapp, RD,BS

    I am sorry Scott I can not vote for you because I don’t drink alcohol. It is not because it maybe bad for us, it is that I never liked the taste of it, whether it is wine, beer, or the like.

    But I am sure you will be nominated for other awards in the future and then you can count on my vote. I promise!.

    Have a good one on your search for the awward.

    • http://strangelydiabetic.com Scott

      Thanks Emilia, but drinks between diabetics often include copious quantities of Diet Coke…

  • http://randomlycapitalized.wordpress.com/ Crystal

    You were my choice for that category. :-)
    Now I’m up against all you AWEsome folks? Sheesh. 😉

    I’ve had drinks with Scott and Elizabeth – Diet something was involved. I’d have a drink with anyone in the D-OC, long as it’s Diet Mountain Dew. Ha.

    • http://strangelydiabetic.com Scott

      awww.. thanks Crystal! It’ll be a toughly contested campaign!

  • http://thecornerboothcc.blogspot.com/ Mike Hoskins

    You were my choice, Scott! Tough competion – Had to go with someone I haven’t been able to meet or share drinks with yet, though I’d have drinks with anyone in the DOC! Alcohol or Diet Coke, whatever it may be! Hey, and if you’re buying…. HA!

  • http://thegirlsguidetodiabetes.com Sysy

    See, I nominated you because cynical people are all fuzzy underneath, especially after a few shots of whiskey or my favorite-tequila. hehehe…

  • http://diabetesaliciousness.blogspot.com/ k2

    *CLINK* my friend!

  • http://justicesmisbehavingpancreas.blogspot.com alexis of justices misbehaving pancreas

    id love a drink with ya! Hey no funny stuff sir :)

  • http://strangelydiabetic.com Scott

    Well, win or lose it sounds like the party’s on!