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6 things I want people to know about diabetes

It’s November 9, Dblog Day! This year’s topic is 6 things you want people to know about diabetes and check out Gina Capone’s site for other lists!

  1. Diabetes is not a death sentence, it is however a life sentence that requires constant attention and dedication.  It is one of, if not the most demanding of patient managed conditions on the planet and if I don’t take of it; it will “take care” of me.
  2. Unless you are going thru this yourself, please keep all your clues to yourself… not that you’d really have a clue in the first place.  And you’d probably be clueless about not having said clue.
  3. Managing diabetes is more art than science.
  4. There are two major types of diabetes, both have similar symptoms and long term prognosis, however both have different treatment methods and causes.
  5. I have Type 1 diabetes and no matter how much I exercise and how well I diet, I will be dead by tomorrow without an external supply of insulin.
  6. Never, ever tell me you are going to cure me unless you want me to go all medieval on yer a$$ (ha! spelled it right that time!)’s