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Is There a Civil War?

** There’s been a lot of conversation about the Civil war: Diabetes vs. diabetes article by Julie Deardorff that originally appeared in the Chicago Tribune. One of the contributor’s was David Edelman and his post on Diabetes Daily, Which Is Worse? My personal reply to that thread was “The worst kind? That’s an easy one. […]

It’s the Holidays and We All Know What That Means!

** This post originally appeared on Ninjabetic’s blog as a guest post on November 22, 2010. Posted here simply for archival purposes

When George, aka Ninjabetic, asked if I’d be interested in doing a guest post, I was more than happy to oblige. George is one of those guys you can form an instant bond […]

After the Pat Down, Not Even a Text Message

Last week I wrote about my adventures on a horrendous diabetes day from hell. One of the comments, well actually two, made by the TSA agent who frisked me got under my skin and I felt the need to expand on them.

The first comment I’ll expand on was actually his last comment to me. […]

On the Road with the Big D

I travel for business a few times a year and this past week was one of those times. So, sports fans, I got to experience the new TSA Full Monty Booty Body feel-up pat down techniques up close and personal!

Now, while I am sure there are some over-zealous friskers and overly hysterical friskees, what […]

6 things I DON’T want you to THINK you know about diabetes.

It’s November 9, Dblog Day! This year’s topic is 6 things you want people to know about diabetes, but I jumped the gun and did that topic yesterday, so here’s today’s variation! Check out Gina Capone’s site for other lists!

6 things I DON’T want you to THINK you know about diabetes.

Don’t think […]