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It’s No D Day here at Strangely ********!!!

Today is No D Day, a tradition started by George, aka Ninja*****, to highlight that fact that ******** are more than just their ********.  Know what I mean?

So here are some miscellaneous facts..

I love pina coladas and getting caught the rain.  Actually I can’t stand piña coladas (mostly because I’m not sure how to spell it) and getting caught in the rain just annoys me.

Diet Coke and popcorn should be their own food groups.  I believe bacon already is one.  And meat?  Eating meat is murder.  Tasty, tasty murder.

Self help books to deal with helping myself always piss me off. I’d read one on anger issues but I’m afraid that would end… badly.  Everyone would end up in  tears, I just know it.

I would never go on a date with a woman crazy enough to go on a date with me.  Ah, who am I kidding, of course I would.  I always seem to attract the crazy ones anyway.

If my hair ever turns completely gray, I won’t color it.  I figure that I’ve earned it.

I once nearly got ran off the road by a woman in an SUV as she was entering the highway.  I swerved, honked and ended up right next to her in the left lane.  Her response was to look over, point at her cell phone and mouth the words “I’m on the phone”.  And yes, as she was pointing, neither hand was on the wheel.

Just because you don’t like my answer doesn’t make it wrong, but that is just my humble, yet always correct, opinion.

I could never really get the hang of Tuesdays.

Go Go Gadget Diet Coke Machine!

If you are running around like your head’s cut off, how do you know where you are going?

Why is bigger better? Because it is, duh

Twitter is like sending a text message to all your friends at once.  Which is good for me since I’m lazy.

Why does my computer always do exactly what I tell it to when that is often not what I really want it to do?

After they get you, are you still paranoid?

Coming to Kansas City and not eating BBQ?  It simply isn’t done.

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And I’m spent!

  • LMAO! I loved this post man. Thanks for cracking me up.

    and I am like you, I’ll earn my gray.

    • hehe, it’s a badge of honor!

  • This is frakin hilarious, Scott. 🙂

  • Sarah

    LOL!!! I LOVE it!! Just what I needed for a laugh today.

  • Lorraine

    Okay, I know this is completely ridiculous to say but I am totally ROTFLMAO!! So, so funnny. LITERALLY bursting out laughing multiple times.

    Thanks Scott. I needed this and this Pepsi next to me. Actually, it’s no longer next to me, but in me.


  • Glad everyone is enjoying it! It was a fun one to write

  • At 29 years old, I’m nearly completely grey….bring on the hair dye! 🙂

  • This is my favorite:
    “Twitter is like sending a text message to all your friends at once. Which is good for me since I’m lazy.”

    Really great post! Feel like I’m getting to know my dbloggers in a whole new way today. Thanks for posting!

  • HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS!!!

    “Diet Coke and popcorn should be their own food groups.” I just had both!


    “Why does my computer always do exactly what I tell it to when that is often not what I really want it to do?”


    “After they get you, are you still paranoid?”

  • k2


  • AH! I love this. I especially love the driver in the SUV on the phone — geeez. Who needs to blog about diabetes when you get to see that kind of ridiculousness on a regular basis!

    Great blog.


  • Glad you liked it, ladies…

  • Fun!

  • This was SO FUNNY Dr. Strange!! I loved it!