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TCOYD Des Moines – A Recap

Boy, not even sure where to start…  It was the first time I had attended any type of diabetes conference and it was a great experience.  There were 1,500 attendees at this TCOYD event.

My trip started to Des Moines quietly on Friday around noon.  Thanks to a HAZMAT spill on I-35 and the Missouri Department of Transportation‘s seeming inability to help people actually find a way around it, my 3 hour drive took twice that long.

I arrived Friday evening just in time for dinner with friends Scott Johnson and Kelly Rawlings of Diabetic Living Magazine along with new friends Kim and her friend @iamsquee at the Raccoon River Brewery, it was a great meal and even better conversation, as always.

Saturday morning arrived and off we went.  Walking the six or so blocks with Scott, Kim, and Courtney we arrived.  Scott and I picked up our exhibitors badges and got the DHF booth setup as attendees started to arrive in the exhibition hall.  All in all, Scott and I probably talked with 100 or so people, telling them about online communities such as, Diabetes Daily,  and Diabetes Sisters and how they worked to help those affected by diabetes to connect with each other.

It was a very interesting day and, all-in-all, I would recommend it to anyone who has diabetes in their life.  Hopefully, we’ll see one here in Kansas City sometime.  It is estimated that there is a combined total of around 250,000 diabetics in the metro area, so there is definitely an audience for it!

I especially enjoyed hanging out with my fellow D friends, ScottieJ came down from Minneapolis, Babs & Jon Campbell came up from KC, Kim had come in from Lincoln.  Ahmad from tudiabetes had driven in from Ames, IA and I’m glad I got to meet him in real life.  Kelly lives locally there and so does Romelle Slaughter who is on the ADA Board in Des Moines and was quite interesting to talk to (RHS76 on twitter).

I know that is a very brief recap of a really great experience, but if I don’t get this posted soon, I never will!


Today’s snarky comment: I’ll procrastinate later

  • Thanks for the recap. Now I feel even more chagrined that I missed the one in Providence. Oh, well… next time. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Sounds like a really cool experience – I love when the D-World unites in real life! 🙂

  • So glad that you got to go! I can relate. They’ll never do one in my area, but I thoroughly enjoyed the one Kevin and I went to last year in San Jose.

    • you never know… I really hope I get to meet you guys IRL someday

  • It was a great conference, wasn’t it? I loved seeing you again and having more time to hang out and visit. Of course I also loved seeing Kelly again, and meeting Kim, C, Romelle, Ahmad, Barb and Jon. They were all fabulous!

    “Hi, we do stuff online” 🙂