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TCOYD Des Moines – A Recap

Boy, not even sure where to start… It was the first time I had attended any type of diabetes conference and it was a great experience. There were 1,500 attendees at this TCOYD event.

My trip started to Des Moines quietly on Friday around noon. Thanks to a HAZMAT spill on I-35 and the Missouri […]

TCOYD in Des Moines, IA

This weekend I’ll be attending the TCOYD event in Des Moines on Saturday, September 25.

In addition to attending some sessions, my friend Scott Johnson and I will be manning a table for the Diabetes Hand Foundation and the Diabetes Advocates Program. Please stop by and chat for a bit if you get the chance. […]

Type 1 Talk – We don’t do that, do we?

Yesterday my friend and fellow blogger, Mike Hoskins, described the JDRF’s upcoming Type 1 Talk event.

I think that this is an important event for two main reasons:

It is being held on November 14th, World Diabetes Day (WDD), instead of its originally scheduled date of November 6th. This is the first time that either […]

Insurance and the Games We Play

** this post originally appeared on TuDiabetes on April 15, 2009. Given that it is National Chronic Illness Awareness Week, I thought describing the insurance hoops we often have to jump through was a relevant topic

Well, after a battle with Coventry Healthcare of Kansas, I received a phone call today telling me that […]

KU Med has a Research Study for Teens and Young Adults

Here’s the basic info:

If you are between the ages of 16 and 29 and have type 1 diabetes (or type 2 treated with insulin) and would like to feel more confident in managing your diabetes as well as its personal and social challenges – as well as want to learn better how to navigate […]