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First Impressions of My Animas Ping

It’s been a while since I posted anything, so today I decided to share my experiences with my impressions with my Animas Ping pump that I’ve used for the last week or so.  As with anything, there are things I like, things that annoy me a little and one particular thing that I think was done wrong.

What’s wrong with it you ask?  Well, basically it is much too easy to cancel a bolus.  I normally carry my pump in my front pants pocket, clipped to the top.  Basically, I sacrifice a pocket for my pump and cgms.  To cancel a bolus on the Ping, you can press ANY button on it.  So here I am, the pump is actually locked, bolusing from the meter.  Pump never leaves my pocket.  Handy, but as the bolus is being delivered, I shift position a little and manage to compress the pump enough it senses a button being pushed, even tho I didn’t.  Sometimes I can hear the “chirp” telling me it was canceled, sometimes not.  And having it locked doesn’t help, it gets unlocked automatically when the bolus starts.  I’ve done this two or three times, once I didn’t catch it and I’m glad I had my cgms, because I only got about half my intended dosage.

Now on to the annoyance.  This also has to do with bolusing, it has wizards to help compute doses for meals or corrections and it will show you the suggested dosage, HOWEVER you have to MANUALLY enter that number in the bolus amount field.  That is annoying as all get out and just seems like trouble waiting to happen.

What I like!  The screen on the pump is so much better than my MM.  However the screen on the meter/pda is still that grayscale that OneTouch seems to like.  hard to read at times, esp since it has no back-lite, hopefully they’ll address that soon. *correction it does have a back-lite, albeit not a very bright one.  *hat tip to Lili!

The boluses are also delivered very quickly and the pump vibrates every time it delivers one unit.

Also, I can adjust basal rates at much smaller increments than I could with my MM, and there are a couple of rates where that has come in handy.

The pump itself is also smaller than the MM and honestly it feels a lot more “solid” than the MM.

Overall, I like it and I think it was a good decision for me.

Well, that’s all for today, thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!


Today’s snarky comment: Eating meat is murder.  Tasty, tasty murder.

  • Lili

    Yeah, basically I know when I’m bolusing I have to freeze for a couple seconds.

    Your meter remote doesn’t have a backlight? Mine does. MM is the one that doesn’t. Just hold down the right-hand button (with the light symbol”).

  • You’re right it does, wonder how I missed that.. wish it was a little brighter tho


  • Yeah!! I’m glad you like it. It kind of annoys me too that you have to manually enter the bolus into the field. Woot. I think it feels pretty solid too. I’m taking it to Utah and I know it will make it. Plus i swam with it about a week ago and it didn’t die! So that’s AWESOME!

  • I actually switch between the Ping and the Revel (I know don’t ask lol) and there are features that each one has over the other. I think it all depends on personal preference. I do agree that the Ping seems to be made a bit more “durable” than MM. I cancelled a bolus twice yesterday and was like wtf? I’ve never done that before! I’m glad you’re liking it so far. I think overall they are both good devices.

  • Scott –

    I am working on getting my ping. Have to see my endo first and have the appointment. Also have 100 coverage for the Dexcom so it is looking pretty good I will be switching pretty soon.

  • Glad you like it.
    I do agree that it’s quite irritating to have to manually put in the dose after it calculates it for you. That’s where I wish it were like the Omnipod and would let you either confirm/deliver it or adjust it then deliver it.
    I wear mine clipped outside of my belt, so I haven’t hit any buttons to cancel it yet *knock on wood!* but it’s good to know that even if it’s locked, it’s disabled during delivery. That sucks!
    Anyway, as far as the meter goes, I’m tempted just to buy an Ultra2 to use instead of the meter remote as I am really starting to dislike it.
    Thanks for your review of the Ping. I enjoyed reading your point of view!

  • Hi Scott,

    Good to see you back again.

    And by the way, you are becoming a star in my website; your interview is attracting a lot of readers. As I said before, pretty soon I will have to ask you to sign an autograph for me.

    Have a great weekend. And remember, nothing in life is perfect, but it seems your new device has more pluses than disadvantages.

    Emilia Klapp, RD,BS

  • You can shut off the vibrating. Took me awhile to figure that out. And yes, it’s annoying plus it uses the battery.

  • (Hey, found my way here via sixuntilme. I’m enjoying your blog! I’ll have to add it to my roll tonight.)

    I have a new Ping also, though it’s my first pump so I can’t really compare it to others. I haven’t had that issue with cancelling the bolus, and I normally wear my pump the same way you do. That concerns me, though. I’ll have to pay close attention.

    Having to manually enter the bolus even when using a wizard is probably to avoid just punching “go” out of habit, when perhaps you know of some other factor that will change your dose (like exercise). Still, I’m with you. I’d rather be able to look, punch, punch, done. (Why not, if it’s so quick and easy to cancel! :p )

    There’s one thing I really wish this pump had… You can punch that button on the side and tell it to give you .75 units of insulin (or whatever) without entering a BG… But I’d love to also have a “quick carb bolus.” None of my I:C ratios are nice, even numbers… so I’d love to just punch in “15 carbs” and not have to do the math or test/enter my BG when someone gives me a mini cupcake at work. (I’m sure it’s a big D no-no to eat and bolus without testing, but that’s not any different than me punching in the UNITS for that cupcake without testing!)

    • Hi Elizabeth

      Actually, I’ve been known to do the eat and bolus w/out checking also.

      Thanks for stopping in!

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