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The more you do, the more you have to do

Last week, I had my annual eye exam.  I had recently been having some trouble, I thought it neeeded a new prescription aince my control has gotten so much tighter over the last couple of years.  Last year the doc said my eyes looked great, all signs of retinopathy were gone.  This year tho… 

This year he saw some signs of bleeding near my retina in both eyes.  My left eye was the worst, and he couldn’t correct my vision to 20/20… 20/25 was as close as he could get on that eye. 

I have my appt with a retinal specialist in the morning.  I guess one of the things that has me kind of worried is the speed at which this appointment was set, no waiting for weeks.

It’s been 40 years, so I guess complications shouldn’t suprise me.  It just irks the hell out of me that they start up after I finally get a serious handle on my control.  My last 3 A1cs were 6.0, 5.8, 6.3… much better than the nearly 8 I was at two years ago.  And, honestly, vision problems are probably the complication I fear most.

Guess we’ll see what he says in the morning.  I set the appointment for first thing which I usually don’t do for eye exams.  Probably won’t be getting much done at work until after lunch when I can actually read again

Several of my tweeps gave me some info/support about it and I am thankful for that!

I’ll let you know what he says…  (Yes, Sara, it really is a man)


  • Best of luck, friend…

  • Prayers and hugs.

  • Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts.

  • thanks all, guess what else. Had a message from my endo to call the office… usually she just mails/emails lab results/suggestions. Not sure I want to make that call

  • Craaaap. Stay positive.

  • Thanks… it’s hard, I think this is the first time I’ve honestly been scared

  • I do hope that everything goes well. You’re in my thoughts and prayers today. Keep us updated!(((((HUGS))))) to you!!!!!!!

  • Oh, no 🙁 I’m sending my best wishes your way! Hope your appointments/calls carry optimal outcomes…V.

  • I think you and I have been through some of the same experiences — given our time of diagnosis, having similar name (we’re both Scott “S”), age, etc. I had a laser treatment for what’s called “neovascularization” (or new blood vessel growth that had occurred since my prior visit) in my left eye (only) about 4 years ago. Technically speaking, my ophthalmologist said it could not even be called “retinopathy” because it really wasn’t and it could happen to anyone (even non-diabetics, a term I can use freely). But because new blood vessels in people with diabetes are much more prone to leakage and/or bursting, he strongly recommended that the few new vessels be destroyed with laser treatment. We had a long discussion about glycemic control and I told him that I didn’t even have home blood testing for the first 15 years of my life with this disease. But I agreed to do the laser treatment, and survived, albiet with some loss of peripheral vision in my left eye. All of this crap is scary stuff, and we do the best with the tools we have — and maybe we’re luckier than our predecessors, but certainly not “lucky”, but we deal with it and move on. If we didn’t have this stuff, we’d probably be dealing with something else — that’s called life!

  • Thinking of you..big hugs Mr. Strange…reading update now…

  • Haha my eye doctor is a man too.

  • Scott K. Johnson

    Haven’t read the update yet, but am headed there next. It sounds terribly frustrating that you’ve really tightened things down and now are having to deal with this extra stuff. Ok, going to read the update now.

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