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Type 1 Diabetes and Real Life

Hi all, I have created another powerpoint presentation about diabetes. This one is intended for parents/caregivers, but definitely not for kids

Type 1 Diabetes and Real Life

Seriously, I get it… You Can Stop Now

Well, as an update to yesterday’s post The more you do, the more you have to do I am finally able to almost read again after having my eyes dilated for the second time in a week.

I saw a retina specialist today and they did some scans and photos of my eyes using some […]

The more you do, the more you have to do

Last week, I had my annual eye exam. I had recently been having some trouble, I thought it neeeded a new prescription aince my control has gotten so much tighter over the last couple of years. Last year the doc said my eyes looked great, all signs of retinopathy were gone. This year tho…


An Open Letter to the JDRF

There has been a lot of activity recently in trying to create more awareness about adult type one diabetics, both those diagnosed as children and those diagnosed as adults. I’ve blogged here and here about the JDRF. The Kansas City Chapter has been especially frustrating for me. I sent the following e-mail carpet bomb to every email […]

Turning Failure into Success

Now, if reading that, if you were expecting to hear of some highly motivational experience, move along, nothing to see here…

I tend to remember things I read or see if I’m interested in what is going on. So I end up with a bunch of trivial facts about this or that floating around in […]