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Looking for a lifeline…. err a little help from my friends

This is a podcast of a powerpoint presentation (and voice-over) that I will be presenting to a group of T1’s transistioning from high school to college/real life.  It deals with social media and what it can do for those with chronic conditions, specifically T1 and my experiences in this case.  If you wouldn’t mind, I’m hoping a few of you would take the time to watch it and give me some feedback on the contents.

Transition Presentation


  • Good stuff! I like it. You may want to mention that with all the changes they are heading into, it’s nice to have others around that understand how thoes changes effect diabetes. I wish that I had known about (or that there had been) social networking around when I was in college. It would have made my life so much easier.

  • Hey,I’m actually doing my master’s thesis on illness and blogging/social media- so, this was great to go through!I thought the presentation was really good. I like the way that you contrast two different eras and cultures of dealing with chronic illness. I also like that you discuss privacy issues that people may want to consider before participating in social media. The only thing I found kind of jarring was the ending.It seemed a bit abrupt and out of the blue with the anecdote about the renaissance. I thought it might work better if that went before your comment about regulatory agencies. Then that section would end with the comment about how social networking is still quite new. You could end it there or say something just to sum up the whole thing up… Even if it’s just something like “So that’s my story with diabetes and social network”… which maybe you would do anyway when in a live presentation situation…But overall = great job 🙂 Thanks for sharing and good luck with the presentation!V.

  • Actually, I think it looks very good (and like you, I’m usually correct … LOL!). Seriously, I wouldn’t change anything, and I like the comments on privacy and “as long as regulators don’t step in”(to) social media …

  • I really liked it. I like the content, of course, but as a guy who’s built plenty of ppt, I like the clean look of the presentation and how you didn’t overuse the toys.In the content, I think the thing I liked best was that you discussed the potential downsides and also made suggestions on handling the privacy issue.I do think, if you’ve got time, that you might benefit from another proofreading. And one little thing; on slide 4, because of an accident of wording, bullet 3 seems like an ‘answer’ to bullet 2. Because there’s sort of a transition there, you might consider starting a new slide at that point.Great job, d00d. Thanks for introducing us to the group. ;0

  • Great job, Scott. Also liked it and thought it addressed all the necessary points – not being alone, learning and interacting with others to benefit yourself and larger community, privacy and regulatory issues, future… I also did think the Renaissance point seemed somewhat out of place – maybe just a transition or something could help there. Overall, good job. Good luck with the presentation!

  • Cara – Thanks, it would have made my life better too!Virtue – I also found the ending to be off a bit, I like the idea of switching the order of the points aroundsScott – hehe, thanks!Bob- Thanks, I’ve got time, so I’ll check out slide 4, I noticed another goof when I was watching itMike – Thanks, yea, it ended t0o suddenly and I think moving the Renaissance point up one spot will help

  • Hi Scott,Good presentation. It gave solid information and helped newbies to SM establish boundaries and understand the community they are joining. What I will say is interesting, is the part where you break into who should be involved in SM! This makes it more of a round table discussion. I totally differ in opinion, but then this is what makes this system work, because it’s topic by topic and anyone’s voice, including pharma, FDA, etc. I definitely feel they need to join the conversation, because it means they are listening, not just selling us an ad for a site!Great job, had fun listening, hope it sparks some conversation with the group! 🙂 Ann B, blogger Also 40 year t1, no phyiscal breakdown yet! ex pumper, pumped for 4 years hated it, now big dexcom fan!

  • Thanks Ann, I actually agree about the FDA. I wrote about that very subject just before Christmas over on tudiabetes. I was referring too were regulations regarding who can say what on a blog or site. I’ll keep that in mind and rephrase that part differently.Thanks!

  • Scott-I agree with everyone. I didn’t want to repeat anything everyone else already said. I am not sure if it’s the audio on my end or yours but it seems like you are far away from whatever you used to record.

  • Thanks Cherise. the back ground noise was the air conditioner, I sound like that when it kicks on, there’s a vent above me to the right…